I temporarily suspended my professional activities since November 1st 2013 to October 31th 2016, because I became director of Isia Urbino.
To ask for more information feel free to contact me at: molotro@gmail.com

Some projects:

A typeface for Sole 24 Ore, designed by Molotro.

Minotype at IUAV.
Useless fopperies...

A typeface for Tecno, designed by Limbo + Molotro.

Solferino Text. A custom typeface for Corriere della Sera, designed by Leftloft + Molotro.

Luciano Perondi
M ++39 388 1697785
via Bergamo 24, 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italia
P. IVA 02796210124